Jean Baptiste Rousseau

A Biography of a Canadian Interpreter and Fur Trader

Jean Baptiste Rousseau was a man who interacted in the multi-lingual world of late eighteen century North America; the world of French-Canada, of the Mississauga, of the Iroquois (Haudonosonee), and the English. Fluent in French, English, Ojibwa, and Iroquoian, Rousseau acted as an interpreter for the British authorities in the era following the conquest of Quebec.

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The Legacy of Vanished Trails

The Archaeology, History, and Location of Portages in South-central Ontario

The ancient Indigenous trails north of Lake Ontario date back to a prehistoric era and have left their mark on our colonial history, as well as, on our modern day roads. Over one hundred years ago, the European fascination with ancient trails was encouraged by David Boyle, a transplanted Scotsman. From Boyle’s time down to the present, the same interest has driven many others to find the original routes of the trails.

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